About the Project & Developer

Anfield Holdings Ltd is a holding company incorporated in Kenya, with a mandate to build affordable homes, and hence provide Kenyans the opportunity for home ownership. The company has ten Directors, each with extensive corporate and/or business experience in various fields including Property Development and Construction, Home Renovations, Engineering and Technology, Legal and management of large businesses. 

These Directors give close over-site in the management and operations of the company and its projects through Board committees that include Project Implementation Committee (PIC), Sales and Marketing (S&M), Internal Audit (IA) and Legal. 

The company is currently developing a 10 acre site in Thika to build a complex consisting of 364 3-bedroom affordable homes with an adjoining commercial space that will provide the residential community with facilities such as a supermarket, a range of boutique stores, a medical clinic food court and other essential services. Known as the Flame Tree Park, the development is unique and the first one of its kind in Thika. 

The company has hired the services of Pinnacle Projects Ltd (PPL) as the lead Project Managers. PPL has assigned a team of experienced professionals to work on the project and to ensure its complete success. The company has diverse experience in managing large projects, amongst them are the Bandari Villas and Apartments, Simba Villas, Blue Shield Insurance Company Headquarters and the new Conference Centre at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, to name a few. Working closely with PPL and the developers is Sycum Solutions, the firm of Architects and its associated consultants to provide the integrated design and engineering solutions. This team provides the expertise in the areas of Architectural designs and renderings, Mechanical and Electrical details and Quantity Survey reports. 

Through a tender process, Epco Builders Ltd., a well renowned builder in the country, was selected for the construction of the project. Epco brings many years of construction and finishing experience to the project. The company specializes in residential as well as commercial developments.  Epco is ISO certified. 

To bring all the above disciplines together, a Clerk of Works resides at the site to coordinate and ensure all aspects of the work come together cohesively. 

On the financial side, Anfield has partnered with Diamond Trust Bank. Anfield’s philosophy is to bring affordable, yet modern and environmentally friendly homes, bundled with financial and other essential services to the reach of the Kenyans.

  The Team